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Our mission is to create compact and affordable multi-wavelength ellipsometer systems that provide optimal measurement solutions for a wide range of thin film applications. 

We provide our customers with honest and objective advice on how our ellipsometers can best meet their measurement requirements.

Fill out the form below with your project details and we will respond back to you. We are ready to show you how Film Sense products can bring an advantage to your project.

If you have further questions please feel free to call us at +1 402-937-9307 or click here to email us now. 

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As thin film applications are so varied and diverse, the best way to determine if a Film Sense Multi-Wavelength Ellipsometer is right for your application is to perform demonstration measurements on your actual samples. Please contact us to discuss your application, and arrange for sample measurements.

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Film Sense offers the power of Multi-Wavelength Technology, but at the price point of single wavelength ellipsometer and spectroscopic reflectometer systems. Film Sense is ideal for measurements in the research lab, classroom, in situ process control, industrial quality control, and more.

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