Liquid Cell Option

Powerful New Ellipsometric Characterization Capabilities

Ellipsometric measurements in air and liquid ambients (“immersion ellipsometry”) are combined to provide more information and enhanced sensitivity for thin film characterization:

  • Accurate index of refraction and thickness for very thin films (< 10 nm)
  • n & k and Thickness for thin films, without a dispersion model


  • Easy to use and fill, preferred liquid is water (non-toxic, readily available)
  • Film Sense software supports the analysis of the combined data sets
  • Compatible with most Film Sense Ellipsometer systems
    (ex situ only, may not be suitable for all samples)
  • Contact Film Sense for a white paper describing the capabilities
In Situ Ellipsometer

Ellipsometric Measurements in Air and Water Ambients

In Situ Ellipsometer

Combined analysis: Cell with Air (CA)
and Cell with Liquid (CL) data sets

In Situ Ellipsometer

Film Sense Liquid Cell,
mounted on Standard Tilt-Frame

In Situ Ellipsometer

≈ 0.01 Index of Refraction error bar
for thin (< 2nm) Native Oxide!

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