Film Sense Software

Powerful ellipsometry data analysis software that is easy to use

The Film Sense software acquires and analyzes the ellipsometric data, and reports the sample parameters (thickness, index of refraction, etc.) that are derived from the measurement. The Film Sense software runs on a computer which is inside the Detector unit, and a standard web browser provides the user interface for the software. Any desktop, laptop, or tablet computer that supports a modern web browser (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android) can operate the Film Sense ellipsometer using its Ethernet connection (no Internet or web access is required). A major advantage to the web browser interface is that no software installation is required, which greatly simplifies the setup and operation of Film Sense ellipsometers. (An Analysis-Only version of the software is also available to support offline analysis.)

Model Builder

Ellipsometric data analysis can be difficult, especially for new users. Model Builder is a revolutionary new feature to automate the building and testing of analysis models.

Easy & intuitive to Use:  Answer a few simple questions to specify the nominal sample structure (substrate and film type), and Model Builder will:

  • Build & test multiple models, ranging from simple ideal models with book value optical constants, to non-ideal models with surface roughness and grading
  • Advise if the model fit is acceptable, and recommend the “best” model for the sample
  • Guide the user through checking the parameter errors, validating model convergence, and saving the model

Other Features

  • Self-documenting: hover the mouse for detailed descriptions of the various settings and options
  • Implements advanced analysis features, such as Multi-Sample Analysis, and parameterized oscillator models
  • Supports single point measurements, automated mapping, and dynamic (in situ) data
  • Film Sense will continually evolve & improve Model Builder, to support more types of thin film applications
  • Available now, in version 3.0 of the Film Sense software
FS-1 Compact Footprint Ellipsometer

Model Builder “Expert Advice”

FS-1 Compact Footprint Ellipsometer

Display parameter errors, and validate model convergence

Model Builder in Action

FS-1 Compact Footprint Ellipsometer

Switch between Analysis Model and Model Builder screens

FS-1 Compact Footprint Ellipsometer

Specify sample structure, and compare models

FS-1 Compact Footprint Ellipsometer

The Analysis Model screen provides powerful features to analyze and visualize the Film Sense ellipsometric data.

Analysis Model Features

  • Standard, In Situ Multi‐Layer, Multi‐Sample, Trajectory, and Near Surface data analysis modes.
  • Up to 10 model layers, with optional surface roughness, and substrate backside correction.
  • Parameter ranges and starting increments to improve fit parameter convergence.
  • Bruggeman effective medium approximation for mixed materials, and graded index layers.
  • Cauchy, Sellmeier, Lorentz, Drude, Tauc-Lorentz, and Multi-Osc dispersion models.
  • Temperature or composition dependent optical constant library files.
  • Depolarization or transmission intensity data can be combined with the multi‐wavelength data analysis.
  • Simulate single measurement or dynamic data, and plot the Fit Diff vs. parameter value.
  • Display fit parameter 90% confidence limits and correlation matrix, and estimate parameter accuracy.
Ellipsometry diagram

The Single Measurement screen makes routine sample measurements as easy as clicking a button.

FS-1 Compact Footprint Ellipsometer

The Model Validator feature verifies that all model fit parameters will uniquely converge over the specified ranges.

Film Sense In Situ Ellipsometer integrated on a Kurt J. Lesker ALD Chamber

The Film Sense Application Programming Interface (FS-API) can be used to control and communicate with the Film Sense Mulit-Wavelength Ellipsometers. At the low level, the FS-API communication link is implemented via TCP/IP sockets, and the command and data messages are exchanged in a simple binary format.

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